DNSBL Server
The isx.fr DNSBL interface
1 683 318 listed
3 706 allowed

Server informations

Server Address: dnsbl.isx.fr
Indicate listing:
Time to Live: 1800
IPv4: yes
IPv6: no (soon)
Admin: TenGbps
GeoIP2 Tool: here

Dataset list

These list continents only ip that have been activated less than 3 days ago.
IPSet: [Download]
Plaintext: [Download]
Cisco ACL: [Download]

Last blacklisted ips

United Kingdom been reported 6 time(s)
Netherlands been reported 2 time(s)
United States been reported 21 time(s)
Netherlands been reported 20 time(s)
Netherlands been reported 11 time(s)
Netherlands been reported 16 time(s)
United States been reported 10 time(s)
China been reported 13 time(s)
Russia been reported 3 time(s)
United States been reported 1 time(s)
India been reported 7 time(s)
Singapore been reported 2 time(s)
Added from SIEM

Allowing IP (Unlist)

    IP Address:
YubiKey OTP: (Only for admins)

Lookup Tools multirbl.valli.org, blocklist.info, hetrixtools.com, blacklistmaster.com, debouncer.com
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