DNSBL Server
The isx.fr DNSBL interface
1 802 924 listed
5 141 allowed

Server informations

Server Address: dnsbl.isx.fr
Indicate listing:
Time to Live: 1800
IPv4: yes
IPv6: no (soon)
Admin: TenGbps
GeoIP2 Tool: here

Dataset list

These list continents only ip that have been activated less than 3 days ago.
IPSet: [Download]
Plaintext: [Download]
Cisco ACL: [Download]

Last blacklisted ips

Argentina been reported 3 time(s)
Spain been reported 1 time(s)
France been reported 1 time(s)
South Korea been reported 2 time(s)
India been reported 2 time(s)
Latvia been reported 26 time(s)
Poland been reported 44 time(s)
Russia been reported 87 time(s)
Bangladesh been reported 7 time(s)
India been reported 32 time(s)
Vietnam been reported 1 time(s)
Germany been reported 1 time(s)
Added from SIEM

Allowing IP (Unlist)

    IP Address:
YubiKey OTP: (Only for admins)

Lookup Tools multirbl.valli.org, blocklist.info, hetrixtools.com, blacklistmaster.com, debouncer.com
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